Delayed Best of Each Class start date

6/1/2024 10:14:17 AM

Best of Each Class Date Change
The first weekend fights were delayed to 08/06/2024 due to missing updates and restorations to player's storages.
Please note that the sign ups are still open, and that we will work towards restoring the storages in the shortest while as there is a large number of people waiting.

We hope that this does not cause too much of an inconvenience to you, please remember that you are able to request to skip a day, without risk of disqualification up to a maximum of 1 day.

The tournament will start at 14:00 PM, with players registered for 14:00 PM, on 08/06/2024.
The siege on 01/06/2024 is not cancelled. The siege on 08/06/2024 is cancelled.