Patch 237

5/23/2024 9:44:35 PM

Chantra Shop Changes

Equipment Page
Ashtal's Thunderstone
Crystalized Scion Prayer Stone
Ruinhold Materials

PvP Page
Pro Giant Potion
Pro Evasion Potion
Pro Quickness Potion
Pro Light-speed Potion
Pro Defence Potion
Lens Stone Pro
Compound Potion Pro

Economy changes
Reduced gold cost of refining ring spirits.
Added Extra-large potions to the Arena Merchant
Added Lens Stone to the Arena Merchant
Added Normal Passport to all merchants

Removed Ashtals, Scions from 150 level reward
Removed Accurate Prestige Potionsf rom 150 level reward

Ruinhold materials from 150 reward are now permanently bound

Added extra large potions and lens normal to level rewards at 150, 90, 1

Reduced gold cost of extra large potions, lens stone in merchants.