Weekend event

7/15/2022 2:38:45 PM


Experience +300%
Drop +300%
Gold +100%
Prestige Experience +150%
Arena Win Reward is set to 75
CC Bonus +20%

Monster Invasion
Spooky monsters will invade various places in the World of Chantra. The invasion will take 20 minutes and will be separated in 4 waves each taking 5 minutes.
Each wave will be stronger than the previous one. If you strong enough to survive all waves you will be rewarded with a boss that drops legendary items. Monsters in the invasion will drop boxes. For each wave you will have a different tier of box. The higher tiered monsters will have a higher chance to drop valuable items.

1. Tullan
2. Breach
3. Trilgard
4. Latria North
5. Deribelle
6. Triangle Village
7. Stull
8. Timewarp Area
9. Battlesquare 5th Floor
10. Battlesquare 6th Floor
11. Dread Wastes

Monster drop:
Invasion Box
Pet Box

Pet Box:
Kitty Pet Lv 1 <1day>
Doggy Pet Lv 1 <1day>

All Tier Boxes:
Protective Passport
Poison World
Passport Lightning
World Passport
Small Recovery Potion
Medium Recovery Potion
Large Recovery Potion
Ugdrasil's Nectar
Dikain's Nectar
Gracia's Nectar
Zian's Nectar
Syripus' Nectar
Pet Reinforcement Manual
Destiny Prayer Stone
Shout of Elemental
Extra-large Healing Potion
Extra-large Mana Potion
Fortune Manual
Summoning Orb
Lens Stone+
Compound Potion
Letter of Great Pardon
Wing Chest
Ring Spirit Chest
Cloak of Elemental Master<1Day>
Gacha Coupon
Shrine Coin
Shrine Large Life Potion

Invasion Box <Tier 1>
Strength of Hero
Piece of Artifact
Crystal of Chaos
Dracula: Superior <14 days>
Goth-Loli: Superior <14 days>

Invasion Box <Tier 2>
Battle Square Spell Scroll
Medal of Honor
Rare Dracula: Superior <14 days>
Rare Goth-Loli: Superior <14 days>

Invasion Box <Tier 3>
Orb of Glory
Authority of the Loser
Absolute Angry Black Pumpkin Head <14 Days>

Invasion Box <Tier 4>
Insane Medal of Honor
Insane Orb of Glory
Insane Authority of the Loser
Insane Orb of Darkness
Proof of Winner
Dracula: Superior <14 days>
Goth-Loli: Superior <14 days>
Frenzied Pumpkin Head: Elite <14 days>