Best of Each Class Day One

8/19/2023 3:40:00 AM

Best of Each Class Event Dates

Since we know that not everyone will be available on every date, we will try to host up to 3 hours' worth of games each Saturday or Sunday, depending on the participant's chosen preferred day.

The fights will be held in the Battle Royale Arena.
It's accessible through major cities' main teleporters.

The first day will be held today 8/19/2023 at 15:00 server time.

The second day will be held on 8/26/2023 at 15:00 server time.

If you are unable to make day one, you are able to opt to come on day two.

In the end, before the final winner is decided, the total match-ups will even out to that of everyone fighting each other.
It may take multiple weekends to come to this, so we urge you to try to come on the first day so we can get as many fights done as possible.
If you are however unprepared, you have 3 more days left to sign up to come to the second day.

Fights will start at random, depending on whether or not someone is late or similar. Be prepared to start at 15:00 and at the latest at 17:40, as we expect a 3-round match to last a maximum of 20 minutes.

We've also added a rule at #17 which everyone will have to adhere to due to reports of usage of 3rd party software. This will allow us to have a level of integrity in the tournament.

Best of Each Class Rules

1) Best of 3 rounds wins the match.

2) Potions will start from 50% at the match start, and staff will manually decrease them until there is a visible possibility of the fight ending.

3) No battleground buffs. The command to turn off battleground buffs is /bg_off.

4) Interrupting the fight as a spectator will result in a temporary ban.

5) The event will take place on the live server.

6) Players must be self-buffed.

7) Only the following consumables are allowed: Compound Potions, Lens, CC potions (giants, agility, defense, evade, light speed), Nectars, Pets, on/off cloaks, and on/off wings.

No other consumables are permitted (e.g: foods / BS potions).

8) You need to bring your own potions, recovery, and flat health. The potions will recover health based on what we set.

9) You must be present in the Battle Royale arena 5 minutes before your scheduled turn. Failing to show up on time leads to disqualification.

10) Taking too long to prepare for the match will lead to disqualification. 

11) Casters are not supposed to put their focus on normal attacks. They are allowed to use them but the main focus is casting.

12) Critters are not supposed to put their focus on skill attacks. They are allowed to use them but the main focus is Auto attacks. If staff sees you are only casting as a critter you will be disqualified.

13) You must use 'The Insane', 'Vanquisher', or 'Lord Commander' title.

14) Conspiring to manipulate tournament results will lead to a game suspension.

15) Artificially prolonging the fight by running/trolling/not attempting to fight will lead to disqualification.

16) Maliciously circumventing the rules leads to disqualification.

17) You have to record and send us the fight from your perspective, without anything covering the game, using any free recording software such as OBS Studio.

Forbidden to use skills
Mage: Antimagic – Ethereal Healing.    
Knight: Energy Barrier – Godlike.
Archer: Restrain.
Sorcerer: Halt – Narcolepsy.
Hunter: Hustler.
Berserker: Repress, Debilitate
Elementalist: Mutation - Descent of Luna.
Ranger: Elemental favor 
Swashbuckler: Hide in Sight
Slayer: Legendary Slayer
Summoner: None
Orbiter: Toxic Hand

Note: Rules and forbidden skills might change during the event period.

Current brackets









Elementalist *not enough sign-ups for this class.