Best of each class sign up form

8/16/2023 1:32:58 AM

The best of each class tournament is starting soon!

You are now able to make your sign-up for the tournament, letting us know that you will be looking to participate.
Inside the form, you will be asked to specify what time you prefer from our options.

The event will last multiple weekends, and Siege may be canceled or moved depending on sign-ups.

The first weekend starting 8/19/2023 will be our starting goal, with either 8/19/2023 or 8/20/2023 as the date.

We do not expect to host a day for more than 3 hours.
The total duration of the event will depend on how many 3-hour fight days we have.

The rules of in-arena fighting will be announced once we have sign-ups ready.

The rewards will be the same as last.
You are able to pick any 3D model of a weapon we can use for your winning weapon type as a new Weapon +18 [8/8]
Your name will be changed to default gold instead of white.
You will also receive a status symbol next to your name indicating you are the new champion of the tournament.

The form is here.