Archonia & World of Chantra

7/23/2023 11:08:42 PM

We are now entering a new milestone in the history of the World of Chantra. 
For our 4th anniversary, we have something to talk to you about which will ensure the longevity and support of the game for years to come. 

In the past month and overall in the past year, we've been in discussion with the server Archonia. In the interest of a brighter future for the game, we concluded that our cooperation would lead to a better place for the game's community as a whole. 

This is why after months of lengthy discussions, we've come to terms with how we can proceed in the following, to create a more global space of shared ideas, technology, and community. 
Archonia and World of Chantra will now be in a new cooperative effort in which we hope each team will respectfully manage its duties to the best of its ability to create a game you love. 

World of Chantra will continue to be the same server it is now, with the same playing style, and no data will be lost, deleted, or moved. What will happen is the Archonia Staff will after an undecided amount of time take over the management and content flow of the game, while preserving the original World of Chantra experience intact. 

The benefit of this for the server is that we will be able to solely focus on bringing updates, new content, and innovative advances to both servers. So whatever type of gameplay you prefer, you can be assured that our technology will be used there. 

This means that Archonia will replace us as management, once our cooperation has gotten to the point where they are ready to try to manage this server as well. This is up to them. Rest assured that while this is news of drastic changes in how we operate, after personally flying to their country to meet the team of Archonia, we can guarantee you that we will be prosperous together and will create something you all enjoy now and in the future as a joint effort with our teams. Archonia has purchased our client and server files. As such, Archonia will use these files on the live server of the game. 

This means we will also do technical maintenance for the server of Archonia, which will in part take our responsibility too. However, given that our team, in general, has more than doubled in size, it also means that whatever our joint operation makes now, we will be able to update it on both servers at the same time if it's something that makes sense for both servers.  

To start with, in the upcoming few days, together with an event that will properly cherish this newly formed partnership, we will be releasing a new mount, an item color filter, an item removal filter, item chantra bag search, item locking, 1v1 Arena Queue, new Rift Modes and more. For the 4th anniversary, we will also be hosting our old events again with new items with reasonable drop rates. 

We are happy to receive any questions, and hope that you understand that this is a dream come true for us, as we have never before imagined that we would find a partner that is both capable of helping us scale, as well as allowing us to scale them and us at the same time, all while having the trust that we need to even begin operating at such a level. 

We're very happy to announce this, and hope to show you in the next few days on both servers, what we can do when our efforts are combined! Thank you, everyone, and we sincerely apologize for the delay in announcing and updating the server. 

We've had a lot to do in recent days, as such we did not start the event for the 4th Anniversary, or announce it. As it seemed fitting to do so now if the deal was done. So now that it is, thank you, everyone, for playing with us for more than 4 years now! We hope that the event that is coming now that we've done our deal is going to satisfy all your urges of what both World of Chantra used to have as events and what we have as events now.