Refinery Update, Lumen Recipes

5/26/2023 2:00:00 AM

Increased amount of resource slots from 10 to 20.
Introduced the "Repeat" button, allowing you to automatically split items & attempt the last recipe you had previously used in your current game session.
This function will automatically find if you have the according items for the manual, and split and refine the items with each click.

Lumen Recipes
Introduced refinery recipes for Lumen Weapons, Lumen Enhancement Stones.
There is two types of recipes available for Lumen refining, a gold expensive recipe, and a Ruinhold material recipe.
You can view the recipes here.

Split/Merge Chantra Items
You can now use the Chantra bag how you would a regular bag, you can merge items by dragging an item to the bag, alternatively if you hold shift while doing it, you will be prompted to split the item. The same rules which previously were avaialble at the NPC for merging/splitting are present in this system.

The functions have been removed from the Red Event NPC.

Dread Armor
We have taken a second look at the Dread Armor stats, and after careful consideration have decided the following:

Upcoming Items

Grinder Warrior Pet

Prestige Serazaran

Prestige Super Talisman

Bug fixes & improvements
Fixed issue causing you to be unable to refine items sometimes even though you have the correct recipe.
Fixed issue causing you to be able to enter with invicibility in Ruinhold, Dread Waste, The Breach.
Fixed issue causing Taxes to incorrectly give Castle owners gold from Sapphire Coin sales. *excess gold will be removed after restart
Fixed issue causing you to get prestige marvel stats when using an Accurate Prestige Potion.
You are no longer able to target guards when using player auto-target with Shift + Tab.
Corrected the drop rate of early level content for certain items. *experimental.
Fixed issue causing refinery to not give yellow skill stats on crafted items.