150 Level Up Rewards, Sapphire Coins & Bug Fixes

5/17/2023 11:50:00 PM

Bosses on death buff will now last 10 minutes, up from 3 minutes.
Bosses now have a 25% chance to drop a random Ruinhold manual of any kind.
Increased monsters base levels from 146 to 147 and 148 to 149.
Removed Invicibility when entering Ruinhold.

Level Up Rewards
We've updated the level up rewards, adding a reward for reaching 150.
You will receive:
1x Ashtal's Thunderstone (Bound)
1x Crystalized Scion Prayer Stone (Bound)
1x Random Ruinhold Manual
3x Prestige Potions (Bound)
3x Accurate Prestige Potions (Bound)
3x Dissolving Prestige Potions (Bound)
2000x Divine Grid
2000x Twisted Mallet
2000x Abyssal Shard
2000x Ethereal Gem
5x Compound Potion (Bound)
5x All Nectars Plus (Bound)

Ring Spirit & Normal Cloak Refinery
You are now able to refine Ring Spirit & Normal Cloaks up to Lv 8.

Gold/CC Auction House Trade
You can now sell Sapphire Coins of the Rich in the Auction House. 
This is currently the only coin you can sell, and it's valued at 1 billion gold.
You can purchase these coins at any general merchant in the game.

Auction House Categories
Added Mounts
Added Pets
Added More Suits
Added Insane Orbs
Added Absolute & Dread Manuals
Added Dissolving & Accurate Prestige Potions
Added Shrine Coin
Added Shrine Stones

You can now sort your account list by drag and drop.
Search will now account for updates while being used.
Improved UI/UX.
Added missing localizations.
Added more information in hint when starting an account in EasyLogin.

Bug Fixes
Fixed issue causing social interactions to not work.
Fixed issue causing teleporters in certain areas to not work (namely, Asylum.)
Fixed issue causing Crimson Ember Clouder to not appear sometimes to other players.
Fixed issue causing dynamic scaling mobs to be unable to scale to 150.
Fixed issue causing movement speed of all wings to their correct movement speed.
Fixed issue causing battle-square to have incorrect spawns, all floors have been corrected to their original.
Fixed issue causing Ruinhold's Armor to not correctly update stats.
Fixed issue causing Alcadia to not be summoned.
Fixed issue causing the Auction House to not display items which are old, the displayed items will now show from 2019-2023.
Fixed issue causing inventory expansion items to be located in the wrong category in the Auction House.
Fixed issue causing Arena Merchant & Shrine Blacksmith NPCs to be unavailable in Deribelle, Stull, Cien & Norine.
Fixed issue causing Cloak of Bayal to give 3% Ignore Dodge/Evade/Block.
Fixed issue causing you to need to relog to see updates Prestige stats after using a Potion.
Fixed issue causing you to need to relog to see Prestige stats on an item purchased from the Auction House.
Fixed issue causing you to be unable to sell more than 2 billion worth of coins to a merchant.
Fixed issue causing items to gain double stats, such as Tenacity.
Fixed issue causing Taxes' to not work.
Fixed issue causing socketted recovery items to not display their correct recovery time.
Fixed issue causing the login-select character animations to be missing.