Content Expansion: Ruinhold

4/13/2023 2:11:56 AM

Prepare yourselves, heroes, for the most challenging battle yet. The fate of our continent rests in your capable hands. The commander's call has been sounded, and you have been chosen to answer it.

The stronghold of Ruinhold is where the final stand will take place. This is where the traitorous former members of our guilds have amassed their forces, and it's up to us to bring them down. Their numbers are vast, and their powers are great, but we have something they do not: unity. We stand together, as one, to face this great threat.

The enemy we face is not some outside force or demonic horde. They are our own kind, twisted by their greed and hunger for power. They have betrayed us and turned their backs on everything we stand for. But we will not falter. We will not bow down to their twisted ideologies.

Our victory in this battle will mean the end of the demonic invasions that have plagued our lands for so long. It will mean the beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity. We will not let our continent fall into darkness. We will not let our people be enslaved by the very ones who were once our comrades.

The breach was where we first faced the hordes of demonic monsters that threatened to overrun our continent. It was a desperate fight, and many lives were lost. But we emerged victorious, thanks to the courage and skill of our heroes.

The battle of Dread Wastes was even more challenging. It was an endless fight against an army of twisted creatures, led by some of the most powerful demon lords we had ever encountered. But our heroes stood firm, and we fought back with everything we had. It was a long and grueling battle, but in the end, we emerged victorious.

Now, we face a new challenge, one that is perhaps even greater than the ones we have faced before. The traitorous former members of our guilds have amassed their forces in the stronghold of Ruinhold, and they threaten to plunge our continent into chaos once again. But we have faced overwhelming odds before, and we have emerged victorious. We will do so again, and we will not rest until our land is free from the threat of demonic invasion.

So gather your weapons, heroes. Sharpen your skills, and prepare for the ultimate test of your abilities. The commander's call has been sounded, and the fate of our continent rests in your hands. Fight with all your might, and together, we shall emerge victorious!


The Ruinhold Content Expansion update will be releasing on April 21st 13:00 server time!
The countdown for the release is visible on the website.


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