New Superior Wing Chest - Patch 57, 58, 59

1/24/2023 7:20:49 AM

Superior Wing Chests:

A fully brand new collection of 20+ wings has been released and added to the chantra shop!
These new wings feature both new static and new animated wings, including entirely new 3D models, which is the first time in history of the game that this has been done!

If you would like to see how they look, check the video below.

The levels of the wings obtained from these chests start from Lv3, and go up to Lv8.
Lv7 and Lv8 wings have their own animation, and levels below that are static.

Our team has worked on the concept of adding new models recently since we've updated to 64bit, and this is the first of many new 3D models we will be adding to the game.

The price of the Wing Chest is 780CC, we hope that you enjoy the artwork we've added!

Armor Suits:

We have added new suits which have the same look as armor pieces through-out the game, starting off with this week's set being Lightning and Poison normal armor!

We will be rotating these suits weekly, biweekly and monthly with new sets every time.

Token Shop:

Items in the token shop have had their prices increased based on the current inflation of tokens. Once we stabilize the amount of tokens on the server back to normal, we will be lowering their prices.

What's next?

3D Models!
Now that we've added these models, we are going to be finishing other artwork mentioned in upcoming-changes , such as the BoEC custom made 3D model weapons, and new Lv99-134 Elite/Unique weapons.

Rebalance 2023!

Apart from this, we are very close to finishing a comprehensive game rebalance, which we have been testing on the test server for the past 2 months.

Client stability!

FPS issues regarding Macros are currently detected and being resolved, and should hit the live server patch very soon as well.