Video event

7/6/2022 2:37:00 AM

We are looking for creative artists to create an attractive video for our wonderful server. We would like to highlight a few of the game's most commonly played areas, such as the Arena, Dread Wastes, event zones and similar. While our main goal is to get a streamer/youtuber to help us create many videos, we need to start somewhere. So maybe you might be the exact person we need to get that going. As we know that creating videos takes time, we'd like to offer a reward of 100 euro for the winner of the said submitted videos. (sponsored by Arrow!). The 100 euro will be paid via PayPal most likely, that depends on what you arrange with Arrow. Don't be shy in submitting your videos, with or without a microphone, the entire design of the video is up to you, art is based on what the viewer perceives, and as such limiting your input to what we've imagined may hinder your ability. Simply create a great video for WoC in any area you believe would be most attractive for a player to see. Take your time, but don't take too long, and if you will be entering the event, please message World of Chantra or Arrow so that we know how many people are working on the project.