Server maintenance completed

11/16/2022 3:32:00 AM



The server's maintenance is now over.

The full list of bug fixes will be posted in a secondary announcement, as the list does include an extensive amount of bug fixes.


There are a few minor issues remaining to be fixed, such as character renaming, shift + right click to open boxes automatically, EasyLogin, Best of Each Class rewards and other smaller issues.


The purpose of this maintenance was to stabilize the main content of the game, as before this maintenance, it was getting nearly impossible to play comfortably, which was disrupting our game.


The Permanently Bound trading bug has been fixed, and has been used by two players for 10 hours, resulting in 5 trades with permanently bound items. The players which did not report this and used it will be banned.


The event which was supposed to end a few days ago will be continued due to our maintenance/stability issues. 


This event:


The rates are also additionally boosted for the duration of the downtime of the server.

The event will end at the same time the compensational rates end. 

The World Cup event will follow a few days after.


Thank you to everyone for being patient and playing with us!